A chronological look at the history of African Americans from the pre-slavery days in Africa through today’s celebration of Kwanzaa. With a straightforward, readable text, one- to three-page topics, and simple illustrative drawings, even young children can participate in this activity-based title. Although mentioning the hardships and inhumanities of slavery and Jim Crow laws, the brutal details are left out. The emphasis is on the contributions of African Americans, their courage, creativity, and inventiveness. The easy activities described in detail include games, crafts (with patterns), songs, recipes, and stories. An extensive bibliography of books, articles, and Web sites is included.
-Eunice Weech, School Library Journal

This large-format paperback introduces many aspects of African American history, from Africa to colonial America, from plantations to emancipation. There is also information about the Underground Railroad, the Civil War, the achievements of black Americans, the civil rights movement, and hopes for the future. Throughout the book, crafts and other projects offer parents and teachers practical ways to involve children in African American heritage. Included are activities such as making a bead necklace, constructing a star-watching chart, and various recipes and crafts that revolve around the symbols of Kwanzaa. The pages are well designed, with illustrations in shades of gray and plenty of white space. A useful resource for library collections.
-Carolyn Phelan, Booklist

In addition to studying topics that are frequently taught – like Africa, the middle passage, slavery, the underground railroad, and the civil rights movement – learn about African folktales, African art, free blacks during the slavery times, black cowboys, black explorers, black inventors, black soldiers, the Negro Leagues, the Tuskegee Airmen, the Great Migration, the Harlem Renaissance, and famous black poets, artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs.
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We love this book because it’s sure to inspire (parent and child alike), educate and entertain throughout the year.


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